Broward County Laminate Flooring

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We offer great prices in Broward County. Laminate flooring can cost less than half of natural hardwoods and it comes in every conceivable color. We offer every shade from a stark whitewash to the dark tones of chestnut woods.

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Laminate Flooring Installation

We can fully install your floor for only $1.99 per square foot! That includes your laminate, underlayment, molding(quarter rounds/t-moldings/reducers/end caps) and carpet removal/disposal.

Durable Laminate Flooring

Our laminate comes with a 25-year manufacturers warranty, which is comparable to any other flooring material on the market. It is scratch proof and can take quite bit of punishment. Our laminate is AC3 rated which qualifies it for both residential and commercial levels of foot traffic.

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