Underlayment For Laminate Wood Flooring

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Importance of Vapor Barrier

A moisture barrier can serve a multitude of purposes. The padded foil material that we offer can insulate cold floors, and prevent moisture damage. Laminate Wood Flooring also requires underlayment to smooth over the imperfections in a concrete floor, which is why laminate flooring is referred to as a floating floor.

Underlayment Creates Softer Floors

Underlayment is capable of reducing the amount of stiffness in the flooring and can make walking a lot more comfortable. This makes laminate wood more ideal than natural wood for customers who have sensitivities to hard walking surfaces.

Underlayment For Sound Reduction

Our blue and green underlayment are excellent for sound reduction. The amount of acoustic control needed for environments like high-rise apartments are different from normal ground-level homes. Usually the building will require some level of sound dampening to be installed in the apartment during flooring installation.

Quality Vapor Barrier

Blue Underlayment

We offer different products for different situations. If you have a one-story home then you should look at our silver foil underlayment. Our silver foil moisture barrier can protect your flooring from moisture damage and lessens the impact of walking on the floor.

Green Underlayment

Our soundproof vapor barrier is has a blue foil that works just like the silver’s. The soundproof vapor barrier is a space aged material that reduces the noise in the room.

Silver Underlayment

Our premium green underlayment has all of the soundproofing of the top of the line moisture barriers. Green underlayment is designed to be the most effective moisture barrier to date.

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